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Soft Fall Pine Bark in stock.

Certificate avaliable when ordering.


Landscape Supplies Newcastle

Pick-up at Redhead or Delivery to All Areas

Organic Garden Soils & Top Dressing Soils Including Our Ultimate Soil Mix, Super Top Dress & Turf Underlay Soil Mixes, Vegie Garden Mixes, Screened Sandy Loam and More.

Several Types of Pine Bark & Woodchip Including Red Woodchips, Black Woodchips and Leaf Mulch

Bushrocks: Lots of Variety, Shapes & Sizes, Flagstones, Boulders, Waterfall Rock, Riverstones, Quarry & Gabion Stone

Quarried Sandstone, Sandstone Boulders, Roadbase & Decomposed Granite, Sandstone Rubble and Split Sandstone

Drainage Aggregates, Ashes, Drain Coil, Geotextile, Weedmat, Sand & Gravelmix

Aquarium, Reptile & Garden Pond Rocks, Gravels, River Stones & Sands

Organic Compost, Poultry Manure, Cow Manure, Bulk Potting Mix & More!!!

Building: Kiln Dried Sand, Packing Sand, Renderers Sand, Fillsand, Riversand, Cement Crusher Dust and More.

Decorative Gravels: Coastal White, White Scoria, River Gravels, River Stones, Charcoal Basalt, Gabion Sandstone, Crushed Granites & More. We support and promote eco friendly and sustainable landscaping and gardening practice

Bulk Materials such as sands, gravels, soils, woodchips, firewood etc are also available bagged for your convenience.

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